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About Studio

About Studio

Studio is kitchen chef and co-owner Torsten Vildgaard’s… studio. All food served at Studio is prepared and served from an open kitchen in the restaurant, which from the first floor space at The Standard offers an exquisite view of the Copenhagen harbour. Like Almanak, Studio has been decorated by the design team Christina Meyer Bengtson and Ulrik Nordentoft. The restaurant seats 48 guests and is open for lunch on Fridays and all evenings Tuesday through Saturday. Jacob Kocemba, the restaurant manager at Studio, is a former winner of the World Championship for Waiters and the Nordic Championship for Sommeliers, and up until recently he headed the Nimb Herman restaurant in Copenhagen. Jacob is also the General Manager at The Standard.

Studio was in Spring of 2014 awarded a Michelin-star and appointed as “Best New Restaurant” in the White Guide.

Torsten Vildgaard says:

“At noma, from 2005-2012, I was deeply involved in the development of new dishes, and at Studio I will carry on this tradition, collaborating with our close suppliers to develop dishes that represent our nature and that no-one has tasted before – and hopefully many will want to taste again. After eight years on the other side of the harbour I feel a need to look up and reach out. At Studio we will work with ideas and raw ingredients from other landscapes than our own. As long as it promotes the taste, which combined with a warm and elegant service means much more to me than setting an intellectual agenda. When we learn something that we can apply in our kitchen, whether from an Indian mother, a Bolivian Indian, the classic French kitchen or a star cook from San Francisco, we integrate it and acknowledge it openly.”

Table 44 is the largest in the restaurant with space for up to eight guests. The table has a minimum price of DKK 20.000 for an evening, all-inclusive. Torsten will be serving a special menu and Jacob and his team will take you on an extraordinary wine tour. As a natural extension of our general quality standards, we have also equipped our restaurant with speakers from a professional recording studio monitor brand, so that even our background music has superior sound quality, hence adding a new element of truth to our name “Studio”.

Please find our menus here.

Opening hours

Closed Sunday and Monday

6PM-Midnight Tuesday to Thursday

Noon-3PM and 6PM-Midnight Friday

6PM-Midnight Saturday

Phone: +45 72 14 88 08


Inspection report for Studio.